Jobbing Shop

We manufacture from drawing, CAD model or original part. We produce a variety of high accuracy parts including (but not limited to) tooling, dies, jigs, impellers, gears as well as reconditioning of industrial pumps.

Our workshop capabilities are simultaneous 5-Axis machining, wire cutting, CNC turning and milling, and grinding. If required we are able to verify accuracy using our Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) in a temperature controlled environment.

Gear Cutters

Rack-type (Maag, Sunderland) and disc-type (Fellows) gear cutters are made to order and generally dispatched within 2 working days.

Manufacture From Sample

A Steinbichler Comet L3D 3D scanning system. This scanner uses innovative blue light technology to quickly produce 3D models of physical parts. Together with polyworks software, prototyping and quality inspection can be preformed to an accuracy of less than 50 micron.